Welcome to the Circus!

 Hey there! If you've made it this far, perhaps you've been in to see us and wanted to do more research to figure out who these people are--or maybe you came across us on the 'inter-webs' and got sucked into the rabbit hole. Either way, before you continue, you should know--we are Southern born and Southern bred and if you were looking for a formal, APA acceptable blog you're going to be disappointed.  We decided to start this blog to tell our story. Southern folks are notorious about story-telling; from William Faulkner to Maya Angelo, we love a good tale. In the name of  authenticity, we're going to compose this blog the same way we would tell a tale--so prepare yourself for colorful descriptions and maybe a little rambling! To fully understand the tale of Twin Oaks Crafts, we have to give you a little backstory. Paulette "Lolli" and James "Pop" Walley are our owners and masterminds. Pop is a retired Navy Senior Chief. During his time in th
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